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Operation and maintenance of machines and the manual manufacture and assembly of their components require an in-depth training and a wide range of experience. But even for a qualified employee it is increasingly difficult o execute tasks in a precise and timely fashion in face of ever growing complexity or alternating stations or equipment. Again and again, it proves to be a hinderance that much-needed documents and instructions are not available at the workplace – or have to be retrieved in an expensive way. One figure impressively confirms this: According to a study made by Q_PERIOR1 the German industry loses up to 23 million working days a year searching for information.


This is the reason why our tool k.CONTENT focusses on the harmonization of easy and fast access to existing information and instructions. Processed content is provided on servers or cloud systems and can be accessed securely and quickly on-site by computers or mobile devices. This combination promotes error- and stress-free work or training and thus ensures more productivity and satisfied employees.

PROGRAMS und PROCESSES for digital transformation of instructions, information and data.


Quick access to relevant information in the workplace is improved with our specific methodology for data retrieval from our media database k.STORAGE, content management systems as well as enterprise search engines.



– Dedicated storage location

– Easy, worldwide 24/7 access

– All relevant information on- 
   location in time

– Know-how remains in the

– No losses in the know-how

Language-independent, image-based INSTRUCTIONS for industry, crafts and dangerous outdoor operations.


During initial training or after station changes, precise and easy-to-use instructions ensure high time savings and error-free execution.





– Expert knowledge available

– Compensating for different


– Reproducible scalable content

– Fewer errors

– Better workflow

– Less stress

– More satisfied customers and


Largely language-independent,



The didactically supported digital

transformation of learning content into educational movies, videos and animations provides better systemic understanding of complex content.



– Learning content always   
   available on-location

– Optimal conveyance – even with-  
   out direct care of an instructor

– Leveling of heterogeneous
   education and language levels

– Mapping of real life

– Increased motivation of learners

– Benefits in recruitment

– Connections to e-learning

Mobile REAL-TIME VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEM for live assistance, training and

product presentations.


A mobile device can be equipped with the k.REMOTE app for direct communication between employee and helpdesk staff.





– Expert knowledge always 
   available on-location

– Lower travel costs

– Precise monitoring

– Fewer errors

– Less stress

– Damage documentation

– More satisfied users