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Central Element of the back end is our media database k.STORAGE – either a cloud or dedicated server solution. Smart devices can retrieve data stored in k.STORAGE and upload locally recorded data such as photos, movies or audio files. They can also be paired with existing databases using their innovative interface architecture. k.STORAGE is maintained either by the customer or us using a content management system.


The system is designed in such a way that employees can operate it after a short lead time. The advanced voice control of the RealWear HMT-1 facilitates fast access to the new technology and is fun to use. In addition to the multilingual voice commands that are preinstalled in the device, customer specific commands or terms can be installed if required. The helpdesk is also easy to use by an administrator. Of course, we train all employees in the used solutions if desired. Once the System has been implemented, we are available for quick assistance “REMOTELY”.


Another benefit: All content stored in k.STORAGE, as well as new one which could have been recorded on a device for example, can be integrated into existing e-learning systems. In this way new work processes are digitized step by step and made usable for the continuous expansion of a know-how database.


k.CONTENT provides excellent service as the foundation for production-relevant data for all assistance systems. Being of minor concern where the content is stored – its mobile availability is the crucial element.

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